Benefits of 2cm Porcelain Pavers

Our revolutionary porcelain pavers offer a blend of versatility , design, performance, simplicity of installation and eco-sustainability. For all the same reasons you would choose a porcelain tile for your interior flooring surfaces , you can now choose porcelain pavers for your exterior surfaces.

The benefits of the porcelain paver include being resistant to salts, acids , chlorine, pesticides , insecticides and general household chemicals. Because they are fired at 1200 C degrees and not sun dried like cement or concrete pavers, they have a very high breaking strength (8170 N per mm sq) . The pavers are easy to install and clean and have a non-slip surface perfect for outdoor use. The colours will not fade or stain over time and are rectified. This means the tiles are REGULAR in size allowing you to lay the tiles with narrow joints from 2mm thickness