The pedestal system is an easy-to-use dry installation system where the pavers sit side-by-side symmetrically without the requirement for mortar, adhesive or grouting. The pedestals provide a pure, level surface quickly and easily, increasing acoustic insulation and allowing cabling and piping to be concealed. With no requirements for special surface preparation, the floating system provides a light weight solution, allowing structures to be built at substantially lower costs.

The small gap between one paver and another allows water to discharge on to the laying surface and facilitate rapid drainage . This encourages constant air circulation, extending the life of the waterproofing and improving heat insulation. It also protects the surface from UV degradation. Both elements of the flooring and the supports substructure and recyclable. The Pedestal laying system does not require any glue or chemical product.


Pedestal Fixed support

The fixed support spacer is a simple solution for the installation of raised pavers. Applicable specifically for perfectly level floors, the spacer is available in 12, 15  and 20mm heights.

Adjustable Fixed Head


A wide range of features make the Adjustable Fixed Head Paving Support perfect for any kind of raised flooring applications.  The slope’s adjustment can be compensated using special rubber shim spacers.

Adjustable Auto level head


The Adjustable Auto level head is an excellent solution to deal with sloping installation surfaces, which are capable of compensating slopes up to 3 degrees.